Flow Stars Season 3 is available now!

Brought to you by Beckman Coulter Life Sciences and Bitesize Bio and hosted by Peter O’Toole, this podcast series brings you closer to the big names in flow cytometry. And if you thought Season 1 was good, we’ve got some more stellar guests for you this season.

From Garry Nolan to Kylie Price to Pratip Chattopadhyay and many more, we’ve interviewed flow cytometry specialists across the globe to bring you insights into doing science differently, the key to successful papers, how to commercialize your research, and moving out of your comfort zone.

We’ll also discover more about diving with humpback whales, how flow cytometry can lead you all over the world, and why we should all be interested in UFOs! All this and much, much more.

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Latest Episodes

Sara De Biasi and Andrea Cossarizza (UNIMORE)

Jessica Houston (NMSU)

Bill Telford (NCI)

Andrea Holme (University of Aberdeen)

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