Tim Bushnell (URMC) & Alfonso Blanco (UCD)

#S1:E1 — Our first episode of Flow Stars features not one, but two big hitters in the world of flow cytometry, which creates a dynamic and energetic conversation.

We find out about Tim’s love for brewing, including how he taught his kid to brew as a science lesson and discuss Alfonso’s passion for kicking people (in organized sports) and how his Olympic hopes were dashed by an unfortunate knee injury.

While we get to know Tim and Alfonso on a personal level, work and flow cytometry is still a big focus, with both sharing their most difficult career moments and discussing the bright and colorful future of flow cytometry.

From jumping over bonfires to vehicle theft, this episode doesn’t fail to entertain!

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Creators and Guests

Tim Bushnell (URMC) & Alfonso Blanco (UCD)